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Be The God Of Your Own Land And Assist Your People

By Kyle Daniels

On Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The availability of this game to android phones is only one of its best features. Another thing would be the freedom in coming up with ideas on how players could progressively help his people, dubbed as followers, under his supervision. This god game is really fascinating and I’ll let you know why.

Managing a land with lots of people on it is undeniably a hard job. But in this game, the position as God would not be that hard since there are these powers that could help players out. The main objective in this game is to encourage people on how to go with the flow of civilization around the land. There are also gems that could help the god to construct buildings. Belief is the basic currency in the game. There are also missions in this game which users could win powers just as long as users got to finish every quest. Players should be wise in every decision to make because a wrong decision might destroy his people and his land. I really find this game so exciting because it brings out the strategic skills that I have. The graphics are also very good as well as the sound effects and background music.

This game is cool and it really works best for me when boredom strikes.


  • Players can discover new lands in the game
  • There are amazing powers to use


  • The graphics are not well-detailed



Use your divine powers to create a brand new civilization

By Ellie Teller

On Monday, August 17, 2015

Godus is a strategy videogame for mobile that puts you in the shoes of a god willing to create life with his bare hands. You have to create a civilization from scratch by flattening some terrains to make them habitable and then life will make the rest. Houses will start to spawn, and with them, new devotes will start paying you tribute with their faith. You can then use this faith as energy to keep making changes in your world such as expanding your territory, building better houses for your people or even punishing them with a meteor shower, apocalypse-style.

Once you have your thriving empire, you need to start searching for some mysterious torches placed far away from your lands. To do this, you need to flatten even more terrain so your citizens can get there without trouble. As you go deeper into the wild, creatures may attack your people, so you need to find alternative paths to protect them.


  • Divine powers work perfectly with the touch screen
  • Beautiful 3D cel-shaded graphics create cool environments


  • Resource-hungry game, low-end devices may struggle running it



.GODUS FULL VERSION it is a game ment for mobile and desktop platforms

By Finch-McAce Hans

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This is a mobile game and desktop platforms where u act as a god ruling over your people that worship you. His game enbles you to have power that can make you save your people or cast havoc on them . in this game you have to discover chests and complete the quest nature the land and make the pople from your settlement fear you . as aplayer you can also discover new lands in this game you can mak it rain to nature the land you can also use the amaing powers provided n the game . the graphics of the game are mde in such a way that when sculpting the land on a phone in order to drag the edges in and out to cusoize the ever expanding lnd you can see clearly .


As a player you hve power you can use to help your people

You have to comlete a quest

You have to nature your land

You have o make the people from your settlement fear you


It is fun to play

Very addictive if you play it for long


  • Its fun and an enjoyable game to play
  • it is a very adventures game


  • This game has poor graphcs




For what are you going to use the program?
  • fun and to experiment with world building games. if this works i will be very surprised because i know it is hard to get real games on the mac for free

  • gaming and some other stuff like doing cool things with myself and this game when u talk about it its quite fun a game u know that thanks anyways

  • For personal use, distractions from my exams. Because I'm bored and I hate college and I need to do something instead of resenting that thought. Happy?

  • I am going to use this program for playing it. I think its really interesting new game which I would like to try so please let me downloadl it

  • I Will try to use my IOS account to play Godus on my Macbook and my Ipad because i think the iphone 6 screen is too small for a game with such complexity

What similar programs have you used?
  • I haven't ever played a game such as this. Holwever other god games like the Sims yes but it doesnt quite realate. I have also read bout populus.

  • populas the beginning by bullfrog games from 1992 and dungeon keeper one and two which were awesome and someone tried to continue the trend but failed

  • None. I do not play Pc games. This will be the first one I have downloaded. Thank you very much for making me write you this short and pointless message.

  • Godus for Android is the one that I have been playing but it constantly force closes so I thought I would try it for pc before I just give up

  • none of above sadsd sdwfdfe becouse i never played it i want this ione to try it to see is it good or not so theat h can se or noz zo be life

What do you like most about this program?
  • thi game id amazingly fn and addicting and i cant stop playing it. its kinda hard at first but after that it gets really fun and easy to play

  • it is totally easy to play fun and enjoyable. best game for killing time. one of the most addictive games in the world which ic amazing. thnks

  • idk, it seems like a funny seamy casual game. I have played it before but can't get i working on my mac. I hope this will work, because I remember having quite a bit of fun

  • Being a God, because everything in it is so amazing that you have your own followers dedicated in serving you, hehehe also the environment is pretty nice

  • that you can sculpt the land and your villagers build houses on a wonderful country. The buildings are avery also interessting and beutifyllso


In the beginning there was the videogame, or at least that could be the reason for Peter Molyneux to design another god game. Godus is a newly developed god game for mobile devices in which you will be free to help your people in their daily lives for surviving and progressing. The game is free to download for Android and iOS platforms, while the Windows and Mac OS X feature a full paid version.

The game raises the question for the motivation of people for getting onward and evolving their civilisations. In short, the answer given is you, the player in the role of the god of this virtual land. Similar to other previous games such as Dungeon Keeper, Black & White and Populous, you will count with a superior power to manage your land.

The visual aspect of Godus features a unique style in which the models lack complex filters or textures

The visual aspect of Godus features a unique style in which the models lack complex filters or textures. The game is completely cel-shaded designed with beautiful and colorful motifs. Although it is developed in HD, the game tries to keep the use of resources to a minimum for using the different smartphone and tablet technologies in a better way.

The beach village you always wanted
The beach village you always wanted


From the very beginning of this genre, developers have fantasized about using touch interfaces for improving the control of god and managing games. Touching the screen you can perform the different god powers. Starting with the basic ones, you can sculpt land in order to drag the edges in and out to customize the ever-expanding land and find additional items for your people. Make it rain for nurturing the earth or destroy the Astari with a meteor strike; everything is up to you.

Guide your people through the different ages, inspiring changes in their society. In order to make these progresses you will need Belief, the currency for the actions in the game. A certain amount of this currency is needed for sculpting the land and for the additional god powers the player can perform in this regenesis utopia. Godus also includes secondary currencies like Gems, Wheat and Sticker Packs for constructing buildings and more. In the mobile version, gems can be bought with money in its in-app freemium store.

You can play your cross-platform reign in diverse devices to blossom your homeworld wherever you are. Take care of your followers, mould the environment and get into the multiplayer battles with your loyal people fighting for their worshipped god. Take your civilization to the skies with your champion, meteor and beautiful powers while keeping the Astari controlled.

Build your own tents
Build your own tents

Godus Full Version Features

Discover the main features of Godus developed for mobile devices and desktop platforms:

  • Act as a god in your new land ruling over the people that worship you
  • Beauty cel-shading HD design optimizing the use of resources of your mobile device
  • Use your powers to save and help your people, or cast havoc upon them
  • Discover chests, complete quests, nurture your land or make people from your settlements fear you
  • Cross-platform between Android, iOS and desktop systems
  • Manage the land as you wish to sculpt every inch of the landscape in-game
  • Guide your followers through the different ages from the Primitive Age to the last Space Age, not yet available to download
  • Fight against champions and the Astari or convert them to your side
  • Explore the different lands through the whole world and discover new resources and elements to implement

Check the latest details of Godus and the newsletter of its developer through the following link .

System Requirements

These are the minimum resources for the download of Godus:

  • Operating System: iOS 7.0, Android 4.0.3, Windows XP, OS X 10.7.5 or later
  • CPU: Intel Core 2GHz (2.2 Core 2 Duo for Mac)
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • GPU: GeForce 210
  • Size: 131MB free space available (1GB for PC and Mac version)