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Batman & The Flash: Hero Run 2.0

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  • I have not used non yet but i am about to use one now so i will be glade if you can grant it for me i love flash because he is the most fastest alive

  • *Non business, beneficial, not for income making, but for my Child`s intellectual development exposure, fun and exploration in game playing.


Two of the most popular superheroes belonging to DC Comics are now together in an endless runner title. Batman & The Flash: Hero Run features the light speed of The Flash and the intelligent gadgets of Batman, both fighting against the deadliest enemies. This 3D game is available to be downloaded for free for Android and iOS mobile systems.

As a habitual event in the life of a superhero, the place they live in is in danger. The attacks of different unstoppable super-villains like the Joker, Catwoman, or the archenemy of The Flash Gorilla Grodd, put in danger the known peace of the world’s inhabitants. Take one of these powerful heroes and defeat the evil plans of these dangerous people before it is too late for mayhem.

The special effects do their work, but the focus of the game app is in the real running action

The game has been designed for running smoothly on most devices. Characters aren’t created in a great way, saving the devices’ power for the proper in-game performance. The special effects do their work, but since the focus of the game app is in the real running action the aspect of the different stages are just correct, including additional dynamic elements such as cars and enemies.

Defeat Bane and other villains
Defeat Bane and other villains


Batman & The Flash: Hero Run features the classic controls of endless running games, adding a couple of actions. Swiping your finger across the screen will make your hero change the different available tracks, while swiping up will make him jump and down slide through on the floor. Additionally, you can attack the different enemies by throwing batmerang or using another kinds of weapons for gaining experience.

Through the different locations, you will fight against known enemies like Batman nemesis Joker, Bane or Catwoman, each one using their special abilities. The intimidating bosses will attack while hordes of their thugs show their strength. Defeating these enemies demonstrates your skills and will help you in unlocking new weapons for your arsenal.

This fast-paced game allows the player to get additional characters cards to play, and even fuse them into a new one in order to get additional costumes and even new characters to play. As long as you progress through the game, you can evolve your characters to get Batman Wing Armor or Wally West Flash, amongst other possibilities. Enjoy this free to the download game using your favorite superheroes.

Batman & The Flash: Hero Run 2.0 Features

In this section, you can discover the main features for this endless runner game for Android and iOS:

  • Run through Gotham or Gorilla city defeating all kinds of enemies in your path
  • Equip the character you choose with the latest weapons you unlock during your progress
  • Easy gameplay suitable for every kind of player from 12 years upwards
  • Fight against the most infamous enemies like Gorilla Grodd, Catwoman, Bane or Joker
  • Unlock new costumes for your heroes and add new characters to your collection
  • Fuse the cards you obtain in order to get new heroes

You can get additional information about the developer of this game; check the official website .

System Requirements

Find in this section the minimum resources to download and run this game:

  • Operating System: iOS 4.3, Android 2.3 or later version
  • Size: 75.7MB free space on the device