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Vainglory: A great Moba for IOS (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Thursday, March 3, 2016

For Vainglory, this is a free MOBA, especially designed to look at iOS-edge devices (from iPhone 5s and iPad 2) and whose gameplay is adapted perfectly to the touch control, making us forget the mouse (gun central to their PC cousins). In fact. The slogan of Vainglory is precisely 'the perfect place to play MOBA'.

The game allows 3 on 3 games, where you can choose from 10 heroes with their abilities and handicaps.

Map of battles, far from copying the style 'LOL' or 'DOTA' is wildly original, with a main route from base to base, and a jungle where we can go capturing control points that will give us gold and extras that will make our strongest team. In addition to defending our base and our defense turrets, capture these points of the jungle will end up being the difference between the winner and the winner.

The games, which last about 20 minutes, are exciting and well balanced. The collaboration of the team members and the right the time to go adding improvements to each of the characters, will determine victory. There are characters that are slow and clumsy on the main line, but that move like fish in water in the jungle, and vice versa, with varying degrees, improvements and paste. Elect the three members of the team well and coordinated to perfection is everything.

In the jungle we can face creatures that give us our rewards and player level will rise faster. In addition, there exist three mines, if we are able to control, awarded gold and more strength and skill to our minions, cannon fodder to fight for us in the assault on the enemy base.

In our database we have a shop where you can buy upgrades and gadgets for our character, we have to go regularly (taking advantage of a 'respawn' or when we return to the base to regenerate our depleted health). But there is a third store, very special, in the middle of the jungle. There you can buy really rare and valuable objects, even while shopping will be helpless and can annihilate an enemy hero.


  • Technically it is great and the games are fun
  • The game mechanics means that, at any time, the ability of a player can do to change the course of battle


  • You have to pay to unlock heroes as there are some that will be almost impossible to unlock the currency you earn doing well in the game.
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Jump into the battlefield and put your skills to the test

By Ellie Teller

On Monday, January 4, 2016

Vain Glory is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) videogame designed for mobile devices by some former members of veteran MOBA creators such as Riot Games or Blizzard Entertainment, as well as some EA members that will make sure that you get a game that is smaller than their DLCs. This time, these guys bring us an old concept with a twist, since everything is designed to work in a small screen and controlled with tactile commands. Your job is the same as in all the other MOBAs, take the enemy base down while you protect yours. Moreover, get rid of your rivals in your way to destroy their base. That´s basically how is done. You will find different characters with different abilities depending on your playstyle, such as deadly assassins, unbeatable tanks or powerful magicians that will reduce your foes to ashes. A very good idea in general, but I feel like this genre belongs in PC.


  • Good graphics engine, detailed characters and settings
  • Good hero pool to choose from


  • Feels weird to play this on a mobile screen
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • gaming and playing with friends, this game will allow me to further our guild no matter where im at and ill be able to play in class as well

  • I would like to use the program for having fun and learn how to working in a team. Since I need to improve my teamwork and relationship with others.

  • Im going to use the program to play Vainglory, which is avalibe only in mobile devices etc. and is my favourite game. By this app i can install it to my pc

  • i want to play this game with my friends because vain glory is one of the best games i have played. League of legends doesn't look like a wholesome game to me.

  • o play and keep on getting better at this game ive really like to be a professional and play with skaarf which is kind too overpowered from the last update

What similar programs have you used?
  • The similar programs i have used is DOTA 2 ,clash of clan , hero of order and chors ,darkness reborn, brother in arm 2,alphat 8, color switch.

  • Grand Chase, MOBA games in general interst me, specifically this one it has such great background and gameplay. The PC version will be loads easier since my IOS device SUCKS

  • order and chaos,a bunch ofmoba games and stuff so basically yaeah :P and many more which i dont have that specific time to answer all these questions

What do you like most about this program?
  • happy because i have a classmates that playing this game ang more friends have good to play with yhem and my cousins is palyin tis in her i pod mini

  • its realy funny, I can play it with my friends every single day of the week. A friend of my advised me to downloand and install this beautifull game

  • What i really like most about this program is how php nuke gives me the goods to do my things and whatever i also need to do because it is that good

  • The graphics. I guess you can say I find them really impressive; it's like a mini version of League of Legends. And it is highly entertaining.

  • Awesome Heroes And Figure and no lag and always Update Then when a player Give A signal of bad attitude You can Dislike her /his I love this game


After MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) have become really popular on PC with DOTA and League of Legends, and many developers have tried to create a mobile version of these games. Fortunately, the Super Evil Mega Corp team has redesigned the concept of MOBA for smartphones and tablets with members formerly belonging to Riot, Blizzard and EA among other important teams. The answer you have waited for so long has now a name, Vainglory. The game app is available for free download in iOS systems.

Welcome to the Vainglory fields, a place where the most powerful heroes gather to show their might and power against fearful enemies. Defend the Vain crystal of your team while trying to destroy the opposite’s one with your own strategy and the help of your whole team. With no more reason than that, explore the new Vainglory game to download and find what lies behind the lanes.

Since the control mechanics have been refined, the responsiveness is sub-30ms while Vainglory flows in constant 60 FPS

What makes this game so superior is the self-developed E.V.I.L. proprietary engine that allows ultra-high quality graphics and an accurate control of your character in any moment. Since the control mechanics have been refined, the responsiveness is sub-30ms while Vainglory flows in constant 60 FPS. The game looks really well on the new Apple devices being a complete rival for free-to-play PC titles in this aspect. Although players may be used to the PC controls, Vainglory is a great substitute with the adapted settings for touch interfaces.

Giant allies are the best
Giant allies are the best


MOBA games follow a simple request to win the match by destroying the enemy base. However, this simple objective can be a real challenge since the opposite team will defend their place with all that they have. From each base, a bunch of minions will be released from time to time in order to attack the lane. The main protection of the lane before reaching the core are the defensive turrets that you will need to destroy with the aid of your minions.

Besides the main lane, you can find the jungle below, where you can find additional monsters to farm or gain levels and money. As long as the game continues new events appear, such as the minion mines that increase your resources and strength while you own it for your team. The Gold Mine offers more gold in exchange for the death of the mining minion there. The additional event will come with the release of the Kraken, an NPC that will join your team if you are successful in defeating it.

The fast-paced gameplay, in which the 20-minute games will allow complete character development, allows several phases. Enjoy the lightning-fast metagame with 3-vs-3 teamfighting flexibility depending on the members of your team. As in a classic online RPG, the different heroes have different classes and features that make them suitable for different tasks. From jungle to assassin or warrior, choose the hero that better suits your game style.

Action team fights
Action team fights

Vainglory 1.1.4 Features

Check the main features of Vainglory to download for your Apple iOS mobile device:

  • Dive into the mobile version of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre adapted properly to your hands
  • Precise in-game real-time intuitive controls arranged with a game engine created specifically for the title
  • 3-vs-3 multiplayer fast-paced matches with spectacular teamfights in the mini-map
  • Release the Kraken on your word and get additional resources through the in-game events
  • Vivid world in which the player can immerse themselves, and awesome graphics with more than 1.3 million polygons per game
  • Choose from amongst heroes like the mage Skaarf, Krul the warrior, Adagio the protector and much more
  • Buy additional items and gain levels to strengthen your character and develop its skills

Discover the complete information about Vainglory exploring the official game site .

System Requirements

These are the minimum requirements for the download of Vainglory:

  • Operating System: iOS 6.1 or later
  • Size: 280MB free space
  • Compatible with iPad Air, iPad 2, iPad mini and iPad with Retina Display, as well as iPhone devices meeting the requirements