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The Mystery of Dragon Isle 1.3.5

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Just like finding stuff in a messy room, The Mystery of Dragon Isle will be of some use for you in your real life. Find the requested hidden items from the list in different levels and make your village grow with different buildings needed. The puzzle application is available now online as a free download for iOS and Android devices.

It is never too late to give the welcome to new visitors to the Dragon Isle. Your objective in this fantasy land will be to help the bored islanders with their several daily quests, finding their items in order to receive gifts in exchange. Restore the former glory of the Great Dragon and bring back a new golden age.

The artwork of the characters and levels use common stuff from the European imaginarium

Although the puzzle game does not look especially brilliant, The Mystery of Dragon Isle has a great design influenced by classic Celtic fantasy elements. The artwork of the characters and levels use common stuff from the European imaginarium. The overall style looks hand drawn in any sense, especially when it comes to the festival where spooky elements and nice fantasy merge.

Check your item collection
Check your item collection


A beautiful game needs of a beautiful gameplay, and in this sense what you will get is a simple looking for items game like in a puzzle. In order to go deeper into the mechanics, you will be requested different items in the available stages for diverse reasons, most of all resulting in an additional reward. In this aspect, you will need to check around all the stages looking for scissors, lamps or any kind of element using the touch screen properly.

In further stages, the difficulty of finding these hidden elements will increase sharply, so you may need some extra help. For this, you can use magic lamps that will grant you information about the location of the items left, or even hire your friends from your social networks. Earn rewards and new prizes and even receive additional energy for the festivals. Additional content to download will be added with further updates.

Participate in the intriguing adventure of the Dragon Island and get into the Festivals. Compete against your friends and check which of you can unveil all the secrets climbing to the top of the multiplayer online leaderboards. Help the islanders against the strangers that take advantage of the warmth of the great Dragon’s heart and solve the mystery of the mist around the frozen realm.

The Mystery of Dragon Isle 1.3.5 Features

Find the main features of The Mystery of Dragon Isle for mobile devices:

  • Get involved in the quest that awaits the heroes for solving the mystery of the Dragon’s heart and the upcoming mist
  • Enjoy the fantastic artwork with Celtic legendary fantasy elements
  • Discover the different requested items in the interactive locations with amazing designs
  • Invite your online friends from Facebook to help you in your adventure with additional hints
  • Join the weekly festivals and gain unique prizes finding the hidden objects
  • Get all kinds of resources and build the island village after hundreds of years again

According to the developer there will be more content to download free in further updates, find more information in the following link .

System Requirements

Here are listed the minimum resources for running this title in mobile devices:

  • Operating System: iOS 6.0, Android 4.0 or later
  • Size: 144MB free available space