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Asphalt Overdrive 1.1.0

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By Hande Njr

On Monday, February 9, 2015

This is a free product of game loft who are known for the development of the asphalt group of games. It is available on iOS, android and windows phone. It is playable on both single and multi-player. It has nice graphics, great gameplay and a great gaming environment. This game has an eighties old school feel with the south of California being the featured region in the game. Of course all asphalt games are amazing but on this one they gave game the gamers something unique which is very classy and great. Basically in the game you have to defeat area bosses to unlock cars. The game has thirty cars to choose from and five different areas each with a boss to beat in order to move to the next area. The cars in the game range from Ford mustang GT, GMC Vadura, and Ferrari Testarossa among others. Generally it is a great game that asphalt fans should try out and even hold on to it as classic. I i love the game as well as the concept by its developers.


  • It has nice graphics that makes the game play enjoyable.
  • It is easy to play.
  • It has a great collection of cars.


  • I don't find ugmff!! in this game in comparison to other asphalts.
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Asphalt Overdrive: It gives up Asphalt DNA in every aspect!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gameloft is a top-rated developer who always takes advantage of possibilities of latest hardware technologies. Their Asphalt series could successfully blur the line between mobile devices and console to a greater extend. Here, we’re gonna have a critical outlook on the 9th installment of Asphalt series, called Overdrive. I’ve formulated the following observations after playing the game for a while.


• Excellent graphics powered by realistic lightning and high quality textures

• Up to 30 officially licensed vehicles including classic icons like Ferrari Testarossa and Countach

• Customizable license plates are new addition

• Includes cop chases, which we missed in Asphalt 8

• Works even on low end devices without any lag

• Great car sounds and in-game music


• The game isn’t that thrilling as Asphalt 8, as it is an endless running title

• Still no visual upgrades possible in car customizations

• Multiplayer mode also lacks the soul

• Lane to lane transition is not realistic

• No landscape orientation possible in this game

Final thoughts:

Even though it falls under Asphalt bracket, it lacks the real Asphalt DNA in most aspects. Shift from street race to ever-running mode gave up thrill factor somewhere. Only graphics comes appealing and the gameplay isn’t that good. As it’s a spin-off, we can expect something great tailgating this title, say Asphalt 10 or something like that. Overall, it’s an average game!


  • Incredible graphics improvement from Asphalt 8
  • Car sounds are very realistic
  • Nice collection of cars available


  • Only portrait orientation is available
  • Endless running isn't that interesting
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for entertainment with my family and friends when on vacation and holidays. and some times to complete the carrear mode and become a true p


One of the most popular racing games for mobile devices is back with some changes concerning about its mechanics and general style. Asphalt Overdrive is the spinoff of Gameloft’s car game, betting on the endless running genre using vehicles instead of human characters. The game app is available for free download on Windows Phone, Android, and iOS, as well as on the Windows operating System from the official store.

Drive your awesome car through new urban environments in California. Once the engine begins roaring you will be in front of the mobile version of the extinct Burnout series with a twisted design that resembles the first edition of Driver for PSX, with better cars instead. Explore the streets of California in a new way from your mobile device.

The car modeling is excellent, with high-performance graphics especially for high-end smartphones and tablets.

The overall visual design is what makes the difference between Asphalt Overdrive and the rest of the series. In this installment, the retro style has been introduced as a revival of the 80s spirit like Hotline Miami. The car modeling is excellent, with high-performance graphics especially for high-end smartphones and tablets. The action-packed Asphalt Overdrive excels thanks to its light and blur effects, resulting in a real spectacle to your eyes and a recommendable title for the download.

Spectacular car tricks
Spectacular car tricks


The gameplay is the aspect that has suffered more with this spinoff. Instead of a classic racing game, Gameloft’s Asphalt Overdrive has been greatly simplified into an endless running game. Swipe the touch screen in order to change tracks and make spectacular jumps. This change may result in disappointment for some fans of the series, but it is undoubtedly a good endless running title.

Diversity always improves the quality of the game, for this reason in Asphalt Overdrive you can drive a great number of official licensed cars such as Ferrari Testarossa or Lamborghini Countach among others. The number increases up to 30 different vehicles that you will be able to unlock by completing the different mission-based levels.

Although the playable aspect of the game is very simple, there are different missions such as escaping the pursuing cops, performing high-speed stunts, avoiding obstacles and defeating bosses on the highway. The online multiplayer aspect also offers joining a limited-time Gang with your Facebook friends in order to compete in League championships showing off your skills to everyone.

Nice graphic effects
Nice graphic effects

Asphalt Overdrive 1.1.0 Features

Find the main features of Asphalt Overdrive for mobile devices and Windows in the store:

  • Stunning graphics with real-time light particle effects and retro 80s design for the award-winning Asphalt racing series
  • Joyride with the 30 different car models available free to unlock completing the different challenges
  • Upgrade and improve your vehicles using the resources you get in the races in California through the store
  • Complete a great diversity of missions in Southern California escaping from the cops
  • Compete against other players and be part of a gang for winning League championships
  • Achieve the weekly events to keep progressing and getting new content

Explore the additional details of the game and the whole variety of games from the developer by clicking on this link .

System Requirements

Discover the minimum resources required to download and install Asphalt Overdrive by Gameloft:

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1, iOS 6.0, Android 4.0, Windows Phone 8.1 or later systems
  • Size: 278MB free space on the device